About Us

Barcode Scanners are often subjected to the harsh environment of the Logistics and Retail industries. They are also quite often very expensive devices !


barcode scanner boot


The ScannerCase team had many years in the Logistics field, and through this experience and the idea came to them to develop a much better solution to protecting barcode scanning devices. 

The team experimented with different materials and compounds, different thicknesses whilst testing each in a live warehouse environment.


The ScannerCase™ solution to this was a specially formulated rubber compound which was tough enough to provide greater impact resistance, whilst remaining flexible enough so the rubber cases could be removed and re-attached in a matter of seconds.


This last part, removability, was determined to be crucial as scanners need to be placed in charging docks, have their batteries removed etc.

The feedback on the ScannerCasecases has been overwhelmingly positive.

Since releasing the first ScannerCase, the range now includes wrist straps and hand straps (depending on the device and mounts) to further reduce the likelihood of devices being dropped and broken.

ScannerCase's are aftermarket Rubber Cases for popular Enterprise Rugged Barcode Scanners